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Marjan Petreski, visiting professor

Ph.D. Senior Researcher / Associate Professor


Marijan Petreski is Associate professor of the Post graduate studies of ISSHS and Vice-Dean for Research School of Business Economics and Management at the University American College - Skopje. He specialized in research and education of applied macro-economy. Petreski made his Phd in economy at Staffordshire University, Great Britain in 2011. His research is published in international journals like Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance и International Journal of Economics. He had presentation on international conferences in: Perugia, London, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Munich, Xiamen, Izmir, Chicago and Moscow. For his research he was awarded as young scientist in 2009  by the Macedonian Academy for Sciences and Arts and with Olga Radzyner award in 2010 by the Central Bank of Austria. His academic interest is in monetary politics and international finance.