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Partner Institutions


  • New members of Identities AB

    We are please to inform you that Creston Davis, Francois Laruelle , Akis Gavrillidis, Dona Kolar-Panov , Senka Anastasova and Artan Sadiku have joined the Advisory board of the "Identities Journal for Politics Gender and Culture", published by ISSHS.

  • Panel Discussion

    SKOPJE 2014 AND THE PROJECT’S EFFECTS ON THE IDENTITY NARRATIVES The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities – Skopje organizes panel discussion titled: “Skopje 2014 and the projet’s effects on the identity narratives: discussion about a study conducted by ISSH-S”, that will take place on 3rd of June , 2013 (Monday), starting 12 p.m. at Alaksandar Palace Hotel.

  • ISSHS to publish Journal

    We are proud to announce that the founders of "Identities Journal for Politics Gender and Culture", Katerina Kolozova and Zarko Trajanovski, have signed an agreement with the Program Director of ISSHS, Artan Sadiku, to continue the publication of the journal with our institute.

  • Supporting policy making

    " STRENGTHENING LOCAL CAPACITIES FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF EFFECTIVE POLICIES ON CULTURE, INTER-ETHNIC AND GENDER ISSUES " The Institute of social sciences and humanities – Skopje with the support from Civica Mobilitas is providing capacity building activities for planning and implementation of cultural, gender and inter-ethnic policies for five municipalities in Macedonia (Strumica, Bogovinje, Gjorce Petrov, Sveti Nikole and Veles).

  • Ethnicity-centered discourse


    The analysis conducted by the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities – Skopje targeted the ethnic model of governing and ethnic modeling of social, educational, economic and cultural policies and to inaugurate novel political ideas of solidarity beyond ethnicity.

  • Professor Creston Davis part of ISSH-S

    We are extremely proud and happy to announce that Professor Creston Davis is now part of the permanent faculty of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje. His areas are: philosophy, political theology and theoretical psychoanalysis. You can follow his blog at

  • Announcement

    We are proud to announce that the core policy research activities of the Institute throughout 2013 will be carried out with the institutional support of the esteemed Think Thank Fund of OSI-Budapest and CIRA-Civica Mobilitas.

  • Concept paper on social discourse

    The Institute is working on a concept paper that will lay the strategy of intervention in the governing order of discourse as a social structuring of semiotic difference, which being a constituted as a stable articulated discourse, needs to be targeted with a combination of communication tools of dissemination ranging from symposia and conferences, but most importantly mobilizing a progressive layer in the media and public space in order to organize a larger consensus on the introduction of the social discourse against the ethnic one.

  • Public discussions on social consensus

    The institute will engage the major political proponents of the new (national) ideology through provoking them into discussion on the need for policies that aim at building a strong social consensus in the country.