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Partner Institutions


  • Readers are leaders

    The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities – Skopje currently is implementing Readers are Leaders Project, founded by USAID. The project is implemented under the leadership of the Foundation “Step by Step” – Macedonia, in a time frame from May 2013 to November 2015.

  • Breaking the media blackout

    The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje proudly invites you to the third seminar of the School for Politics and Critique with Stipe Ćurković, founder of the Centre for Labour Studies and editor of the Croatian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, that will be held Saturday, March 22, 2014 - at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje at 13:00.

  • School for Politics and Critique

    The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje in collaboration with the foundation Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is proud to present the “School for Politics and Critique.” The "School for politics and critique" aims at strengthening the theoretical and practical skills of Macedonia's activists for the purpose to answer the challenges of the neoliberal policies that has come to over-dominate the political and everyday life.

  • Annual Conference of ISSHS 17-18 January 2014


  • Announcement: 10th volume (1-2) ISSHS Journal “Identities”

    ISSHS is proud to announce the issuing of the 10th volume (No. 1-2) of the Journal for Gender, Politics and Culture “Identities.”

  • Who owns Alexander the Great? A question of EU enlargement

    It is our great pleasure to announce the release of the policy analysis "Who owns Alexander the Great?": A Question Upon Which EU Enlargement Relies," produced by a team of ISSHS researchers. The findings in this study are based on a national poll concerning "Skopje 2014 Project" and its effects on Macedonia's EU integration.

  • Ethnically and Gender Inclusive Grass-Root LGBTI Movements in Macedonia

    The “Ethnically and Gender Inclusive Grass-Root LGBTI Movement in Macedonia” Project, implemented with the support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the period from September 2012 until September 2013, represents a policy study for awareness raising activities.

  • Institute of Advanced Study

    The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje is in a partnership collaboration with the new Institute of Advanced Study: The Graduate School in Critical Theory & the Humanities. The new Institute will be offering master and doctoral courses and seminars through the year and it represents a global gathering of engaged teachers and students.

  • Ethnicity-centered discourse

    The ISSH-S research team is pleased to announce the final Policy Analysis document on "Abandoning ethnicity-centered discourse in the government political rhetoric and in institutional policy making"